One of the great things about hard-edged track cars like an Ariel Atom is that if you handed the keys to your grandma, there is just no way that she could drive it (unless your grannie is a grade-A badass).

We got a tale from Charles Sanchez of what happens when you hand an expert's machine to someone not up to the task while we were busy discovering flat track motorcycle racing.

I won a Yamaha 125cc flat tracker at Flat Rock Speedway in Michigan back in the late '70's... It had no brakes, no decomp lever, no real way to stop other than engine braking. I rode it for two years that way until somebody traded me MX bike for it.

Me and some friends were riding it out back of his house one day when some Jehovah's Witnesses came by to chat us up... one said he was a real good rider, and asked if he couldn't ride it. I, of course, let him ride it, but neglected to mention it didn't have any brakes whatsoever... The guy took off in a full 100 yard wheelie, and as he approached the back fence (mind you he was wearing suit and tie, but had taken off his suit jacket), when I noticed him frantically looking for brakes. He got a little scraped up on the fence... not too bad.

Photo Credit: FurLined