If the late Big Willie Robinson taught us anything, it's the simply elegant joy of "run whatcha brung." That tenet works equally well in motorcycling, as Wes Siler found out on his first flat-track outing at Ventura Raceway. Watch out for that chopper, Wes!

On this week's RideApart, Wes and racer Jamie Robinson entered a pair of nine-horsepower trail bikes in The Hooligan Derby's "Run Whatcha' Brung" race. It's their first time on a dirt oval, and they may or may not be aware that they'll be sharing the track with the motleyist group of bikes this side of Lockport, New York. It's like a "24 Hours of LeMons" race with knobby tires.

But Wes and Jamie persevere, sorting out those awesome junkers with the deftness, and fake plastic boobs, of a couple 'a world-class sports.