Driving an awesome car may be a good way to get people hot and bothered up in cold Canada. A study by Autotrader.ca showed that more than a third of the Canadian population feels more attractive driving a sexy car.

Part of Autotrader's CarCourting Report, the survey found that almost half of Canadian drivers under 35 and 40 percent of Canada's female population described having their libido tied to having a sweet car.

Taking the intense car culture of their American cousins a step further, survey respondents also said what cars their favorite celebrities would be: Ryan Gosling is Mustang material; Shania Twain and Michael Bublé evoke the BMW 3-series spirit; they chose the Subaru Forester as Wayne Gretzky's automotive embodiment (really?!); Pamela Anderson would be a racy Porshe 911 (one with stick-on fender flares, no doubt); and Alanis Morrissette, un-ironically, captured the Prius vibe.

Photo credit: Nejron Photo/Shutterstock