There's a difference between a guilt society and a shame society. There's a difference between self-policing and snitching. This can be hard to grasp, so the Ghetto Boys and Jalopnik readers are here to explain.

The song ends with a plea for snitching, a rare thing in hip hop.

Cause there's joy in our hearts, we're really all about peace
So if you see a crook in action, be down and call the police

Scarface, Willie D, and Bushwick Bill sang "Be Down" back in '88, but there's been a whole "Stop Snitching" movement since then. The drama came up while we were talking about gearheads reporting a streetracer among them and Gamecat235 tried to settle the matter.

To everyone who is, in any way, shape or form, attempting to defend the actions of the driver here. I hope you never have to bury a loved one, help a friend through PT, or watch or help the victims of an accident caused by careless driving.

I also hope you know that you are defending someone who could very well cause these scenarios. Driving is a privilege, not a right. Actions like this are proof that not everyone deserves the right. And that the mighty responsibilities associated with driving are not a game.

Take it the track. If you can't. Then obey the laws. You don't like the laws? There are avenues to change them, take them. It's how our wonderful country works.

Huge props to the forum staff for turning this guy in. This isn't about snitches, this is about public safety and ensuring that there is a car culture in the future for us to enjoy.