Putting aside the obvious fire risk that comes along with owning an Italian exotic, as this video illustrates there's another less obvious downside of owning a Lamborghini.

We couldn't begin to estimate the amount of stupid things people do in cars every day. Regardless of what kind of car it is chances are somewhere, someone is driving one like an idiot. The difference is when you're driving a high profile exotic like this Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder, many people are paying attention and occasionally someone is videotaping you.

In the instance of the above video we found on GTspirit it appears, someone is intentionally filming the driver of this Lamborghini as they attempt to drift out of a Polish parking garage. While the driver manages to save the car from crashing, they clip the curb while attempting to quickly exit the road.

Driving your Ford Focus like an asshat and clip a curb? No one cares. Driving your attention grabbing Lamborghini and do the same thing? Chances are the masses who wish they too had the ability to lose control of a 550 horsepower exotic car are going to immortalize your foolish driving mistakes on Youtube.

[via GTspirit]