Back in 1979 when he was just a rich guy rather than the rich guy, Bill Gates purchased the Porsche Turbo seen here. 33 years later, the car is scheduled to sell at an Austrian auction next month.

As Hemmings points out, Gates got himself in some trouble for hooning behind the wheel of this Porsche. Although Gates had already been arrested for a traffic violation before purchasing this car, it seems he didn't curb his driving habits.

A 1997 Time Magazine profile on Gates explains while the multi-billionaire was driving this car

"He got three speeding tickets – two from the same cop who was trailing him – just on the drive from Albuquerque the weekend he moved Microsoft to Seattle."

Gates owned the Porsche into the 1990s, but at some point he and the turbo 930 parted ways. Somehow after Gates ownership the car ended up in Austria where the car will cross the block on June 6.


Pre-auction estimates have the car selling in the €39,000 to €50,000 Euro range ($55,500 to $71,000). If you ask us that's not a bad price for a cool turbo P car with some serious Geek street cred.

[via Hemmings]