Despite our tendency to make far more questionable car related decisions than the average person, sometimes we are actually able to translate automotive obsession into making excellent choices when it comes to cars and trucks.

To purge ourselves of the negativity from yesterday's QOTW and examine the upside of an existence spent consumed with cars we want to know about your personal high point in automotive decision making.

Bought, sold, fixed, junked, built, learned, watched, studied, taught or something else entirely—tell us about the car related choice that remains your ultimate idea of doing it right. What is the best automotive decision you've ever made?

The best decision I have ever made was purchasing my 1967 International Scout 800. At the time I owned a 1964 International Scout 80 that had just about succumbed to the rust you might expect from an IH that spent its life on the beaches of Cape Cod. Instead of beginning the long and painful process of bringing it back from the dead I decided to sell it to someone actually up to the task.


I managed to find and purchase my mostly rust free 800 (on the left) and spent the time I would have been in the garage fighting a losing battle with rot cruising with the top off. The easy way out? Absolutely, but if there is a better way to spend $4500 I certainly haven't found it yet.