What's not to love about a field full of vehicles in various states of decomposition? This sentiment is perhaps even more true when the assortment of family sedans and commercial vehicles are of Russian origin—at least that is what it seems like after looking at these pictures.

What really struck us after discovering this field of dreams on EnglishRussia, was not the enormity or rarity of this specific field of rusting Russian relics but the idea of how many other fields full of old and broken machine must litter the massive country. Quickly our productivity disappeared as visions of fields of rusting UAZ 2269s drove us almost to the point of considering a trip to Russia.

Are these interesting pictures of old rotting cars and trucks actually just the tools of a plot to drive those with a taste for odd Russian vehicles on an insufferably long plane ride in search of fields full of junk which may or may not exist? Perhaps, but a more plausible explanation for this reaction is the oddly irresistible nature of a field full of old rusty vehicles—regardless of the country of origin.

[via adromy4]