Jealousy. Rivalry. A drunken lack of courtesy. These are trademarks of bad local car shows. We asked Jalopnik readers to list their gripes and then narrowed the list down to the ten most terrible things inconsiderate people do to ruin what should be fun car meet-ups.

Welcome back to Answers of the Day — our daily Jalopnik feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Ankur

10.) Steal things

Suggested By: 2 fast 2 frögberg

Why it's heinous: You'd be surprised at how many car shows you go to and something's missing. Carmakers go out of their way to take anything off their cars that can be stolen before putting them out for a car show. Not only are you stealing from the owner, but you make the whole event look cheap.

Photo Credit: Joseph Brent

9.) Let children run loose on cars

Suggested By: brisbrd

Why it's heinous: We all want to share our love of cars with our kids, but letting them run around, climb into strangers' cars and often scratch their paint is not good parenting. Also, when the owner returns your child and explains what they did wrong, don't be a dick and say "don't tell me how to raise my kid."

Photo Credit: Mike Baird

8.) Whining about cars that you don't own/can't afford

Suggested By: TrampaOnline

Why it's heinous: Just because you can't afford something like this sweet Smart car, doesn't mean you should rant about how lame scissor doors are right next to the owner. We get it, you're jealous. Get over yourself and move on to the next car.

Photo Credit: $$$CoolValley$$$

7.) Bring a gun to a scrabble game

Suggested By: Chairman Kaga

Why it's heinous: Car shows are about mutual appreciation of everyone's cars, so if you bring something wildly more expensive or rare than all the other cars, that's going to throw the show's balance out of wack. Reader Chairman Kaga explains:

The Austin Alfa club is basically just a bunch of bearded guys 30+ who sit around by the lake on a Sunday morning once a month, drink some coffee, eat some muffins, and trade tips on parts sourcing and MAF tuning. Then some jerkface in a Porsche or a Jaguar E-Type turns up and wants to start some shit. Invariably it all degenerates into an argument over whose care is the least reliable and requires the most work to keep on the road, which then causes the wives to interject with, "Wait! What? You told me you spent your bonus on Zynga stock, not that DAMN car again!" and before you know it, pies are being thrown.

Thanks, jerkoff.

Photo Credit: vvvracer

6.) Burnouts and other poser-moves

Suggested By: FCV96

Why it's heinous: We understand that you have a lot of testosterone and rear-wheel-drive. We're sure that makes you a complete stud muffin. Just don't get everyone kicked out of the show because you need to show off with some tire smoke.

Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi

5.) Peek-a-boo dolls

Suggested By: Fordboy357 doesn't give a harumph!

Why it's heinous: We've expressed our confusion about these crying dolls before. Are they there to show off some bad boy image? To get the wife involved? No matter what the reason, they're tasteless, annoying, and they turn people off from going to car shows filled with otherwise-awesome hot rods and customs.

Photo Credit: Fasso Family

4.) Endless one-upsmanship in conversation

Suggested By: Admiral_Awesome

Why it's heinous: Every time someone has a cool, rare, interesting car, there's someone who has owned a cooler, rarer version in the past, knows more about the brand, and can do everything better than the owner. It's all jealousy. Stop it.

Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi

3.) Being a dick to the businesses around the parking lot you're in

Suggested By: Drachen

Why it's heinous: A lot of young people who start setting up impromptu car shows often find themselves harassed by the cops and kicked out of the private parking lots where they meet. It's not because they're young, or that their paint jobs are too outlandish. It's because they were being loud, peeling out, revving their engines, getting into fights, getting drunk, leaving trash everywhere and generally giving the businesses around the parking lot a hard time.

Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi

2.) Being a dick because you've got a camera

Suggested By: Xander Crews, PROUD OF BOXER

Why it's heinous:With more and more people bringing big camera setups to shows, it's important for the shooters to remember not be an asshole. Don't knock into people, get way too close to cars when it clearly makes the owner uncomfortable, or interrupt other people's shots.


Just be aware of the people around you and don't just stare through the viewfinder the whole time.

Photo Credit: Mike Baird

1.) Touching or leaning on a car (without owner's permission)

Suggested By: dogisbadob

Why it's heinous: The above picture shows one of the few times when it's okay for a stranger to touch an owner's car. If you are not invited to perch your derrière on their ride, don't lean against it or leave fingerprints on it. It might seem like the owner has OCD, but just be respectful of others to make sure everyone has a good time.

Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi