Behold the world's largest vintage Mustang junkyard—at least that is what we think it is. We certainly haven't ever seen more rusting and decrepit pony cars in one place than this massive junkyard has to offer.

We came across these pictures yesterday on after Hemmings posted the link. It seems the contents of this pony graveyard belong to Colorado Mustang Specialists. The company began collecting cars back in the 70s when there was no shortage of cheap Mustangs that needed some love.


As you can see, over several decades the collection of dead Mustangs has grown to a pretty colossal size. As junkyards full of old iron become more and more rare it becomes even cooler to see a collection like this intact and still providing the necessary parts to bring other Mustangs back to life.

Although we doubt there is one out there, if a larger collection of vintage pony cars put out to pasture exists one thing is definite—we want to know about it.

Photo Credit: comustang