Although it's hard to imagine when you take a trip down your local row of modern car dealerships, in the early days of imported cars many different brands were sold out of the same dealership. As you can see from this photograph taken in 1971, the result was often a desirable selection of early imports in one place.

Although Autohaus in Fairborn, Ohio sold Alfa Romeos, BMWs and Datsuns, a vintage Porsche race car the dealership used to race also made it into this picture. Oddly enough, there is little more than a sign on the side of the building in this picture to indicate the dealership also sold Alfas.

Still the mixture of a vintage Speedster and factory fresh BMWs and early Datsuns was enough to get us drooling over the dealership's inventory in 1971. Today a building with a large moose painted on the side of it sits where there the dealership once stood which while admittedly amusing, isn't anywhere as interesting as Autohaus' sales lot in the early seventies.

Photo Credit: aldenjewell