When a rainstorm, a blonde actress, an exotic car, a television host and a bus combined to create an unfortunate set of circumstances recently the result was a Maserati with some high dollar damage and this amusing video clip.

"Zakup Kontrolowany"—which roughly translates to "Buying Controlled"—is a long running Polish television show which shows people as they go through the process of choosing a new car. The show was filming with Polish television actress Margaret Kornacki Socha when a heavy rainstorm descended right as Socha planned to test drive a Maserati GranTurismo.

The actress decided she was uncomfortable driving the 405 horsepower Maserati in the bad weather and turned the car over to host Adam Kornacki—presumably because she thought he would be less likely to damage the expensive car. The host hadn't even closed the Maserati's long front door—which he had rather carelessly extended into traffic—when a passing bus taking a left turn struck the car.

According to GTspirit.com, where we found this, this repair bill from this seemingly minor incident is expected to be in excess of €10,000. As you can see from this video, nothing quite transcends language barriers like the look on these two's faces.