So the 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction is about a month away, and some of us are starting to wonder if we'll witness a small miracle in the form of a proper Guns N' Roses reunion. Axl is as mercurial and unpredictable as ever, but hopefully everyone gets up there together.

They should. Think what you will about them, Gn'R was a genuine rock band. Axl may have been the mastermind, but (as we've seen with what it's become) it really was a collaborative effort. And the music wouldn't have been half what it was without that big, curly-haired, top-hatted guitarist channeling some surprisingly deep emotions through those amplifiers.


Fun stuff about Slash: The hat and hair are a psychological defense; dude's seriously shy. He was born in London, which is how a British magazine was once able to claim him as the greatest English guitarist ever. And he's an open-minded workaholic, more than happy to sit in with everyone from Iggy Pop to Michael Jackson.

And his real name's Saul Hudson, which sort of connects him with another Saul who has a fat Rolodex and works with interesting characters familiar with controlled substances, although the one Spikejnz - Ezekiel 25:17, trolls! has in mind isn't so much about the blues as the green, as it clearly is for another lawyer:

What? No, you're all wrong about the man. Bryan is a good guy! I went to law school with him.

Well...we learned about him in law school. They had a whole week of online lectures devoted to his strategies! All I'm saying is that if my old lady decides to end it, I know who I'm calling.

[phone rings]

Gotta take this one.

Yeah... What? Did you not plan for this contingency? I mean the Starship Enterprise had a self-destruct button. I'm just saying. Hypothetically, let's just say I know a guy… who knows a guy… who knows another guy. I'll get it done, but it's going to cost you. Get me a $10,000 cashiers check made out to "Ice Station Zebra Associates. It's totally legit. OK, bye.

Sorry. Anyway, yeah, like I was saying, good guy. Hey, if you talk to him, would you ask him if he got my messages?

Photo Credit: Doctor Grondo