Our commenters seem mixed on whether or not Bryan Salamone, a.k.a. The World's Most Stereotypical Lamborghini Owner, is actually as unique as he seems in Facebook photos. A reader who just emailed us, though, is convinced we have it all wrong.


Here, in unedited form, is an email from a man calling himself Robert regarding Mr. Salamone. Additionally, as per the email, I will soon be lobbying Nick Denton to allow me to create a blog fully dedicated to how much of a pussy I am. My true life's work.

so... i get it... your either
a. a pussy
b. know nothing about cars
c. still suck off your moms tit
d. never had a girl friend better than a 2 or a 3
e. you cant stand when other people are having fun because your to big
of douche being an english nazi and trying to find all the spelling
and gramar mistakes in this email to blast all over the interenet how
much better you are
f. your dad didnt beat you like most parents did... when he did it ...
it was special...
g. your spouse (dont know if its male or female with the way your
whinning) just left you and used mr. Salamone as his/her lawyer to get
them what they deserve from you.

because i cant see how you can sit here and degrade TeamSalamone
Dolcevita... just because he has money to enjoy him self.

You sit here and slander him for trying to help men or women whose
spouse claims to be beaten during a devorce just to get more from the
outcome of the devoirce...

have you ever been in a situation like that? do you know anyone that
has? so you think it cant be real and that no one has ever done that?

That is why Bryan Salamone makes more money than you... hes better at
life than you. You really think cause you write a shitty thread on a
blog your any better than some one ranting on a bullshit forum...

The messed up think is you are blogging on Jalopnik... which by the
way is about cars... not you being a pussy. SO can we get back to
cars... and not you being a douche...

thanks fuck head

In addition to Robert, I also have a slightly more eloquent defense (and confirmation) from Matt Farah, who left a comment in the post:

LOL though everything in this piece is true, I participated with Bryan (whose first name I just learned, as he only goes by "Salamone") in the 2011 Bullrun, and he's absolutely hilarious. He doesn't take himself seriously at all, and believes in enjoying every second of his life. And though it may seem degrading to treat the "concubine" the way he does, she is 100% into it, and when I first met her, SHE introduced herself to me as such. I don't even know her actual name because that's just what she goes by. He loves her and she loves him and they have gotten "married" about 12-15 times, just without ever signing the legal documents. He may be the most stereotypical Lamborghini owner ever, but I can't wait to hang out with him again if he's doing the rally this year.


There you have it. Concubine is 100% into it. I know I'll be able to sleep better tonight.