Instant gratification is one of the defining features of modern society. The drive to have something NOW is all but taken for granted. But in some cases it is necessary, and deeply desirable, to let something age and fully develop.

Like the man once said, these things take time. Car development is a bit like that: the wait for something (FT-86, anyone?) can seemingly drag on forever, but no one wants to rush a half-baked product to market, so people diligently work for years on one project. And in the process little things get out, like an option list or a patent filing or some fun like that. But then sometimes there's absolute silence, too, and we're left to wonder.


But faith is an interesting thing, especially in an entertainment-centered consumer culture. Some people enjoy the anticipation. Some people are willing to believe that the buildup makes the final acquisition that much sweeter. And then there's some — like ^shiftBowling's supremely patient gamer — who are willing to take a sign like the scanning of Bathurst as a cue to wait as long as necessary:

Meanwhile in Gamestop....

"So you're telling me Gran Turismo 6 is going to be a release title on the new Playstation 4, and that if I preorder the system and game now, I'm assured to have my copy then? Okay, sounds good."

Fast forward to Jan. 1, 2013..

"Hi, I'm here to pick up my new PS4 and GT6 I pre-ordered and paid for in full.... What do you mean GT6 has been pushed back to the end of the year? It will be worth it? Okay Ill wait!"

On to Jan 1, 2014..

"Yes I'm here to pick up my copy of GT6 I pre-ordered last year, I'm kinda in a hurry, I wanna try out this Bathurst track I've been hearing about.. Pushed back again?! Indefinitely?? What am I going to tell all my friends who have Xbox and have already been racing Bathhurst for the last year? Right, that's what I'll say then, I'll let them know when it releases its going to be the BEST simulation depiction on earth of Bathurst and that I dont have to pay to race online. Brilliant!"

Somewhere in the future..

"Hi, I got a call today saying that my copy of GT6 finally came in, I just needed to pick that up. Thanks. Oh, There is a new PS5 coming out?? GT7 is supposed to release with it? Let me go on and pre-order that.."

Photo Credit: Aaronth