Hopefully everyone's had enough time to scrutinize the bracket, done their research on the cars by renting, stealing or borrowing pristine examples and hooning them within an inch of their lives. Welcome to first round voting of March Muscle Car Madness as we begin head-to-head voting with the Zombie and Rod Rage regions.

Think through the battles in your head: imagine the sound of the engines, the smell of burning rubber, and all the aspects of the cars. Speed off the line is a big factor, but not all of it.


Think about styling, durability, usability, and how you'd feel behind the wheel. If they're available, maybe try them out in Forza or something. Or dig out your Hot Wheels.


Just make sure to make motor sounds with your mouth and vote! Polls stay open until midnight on the 15th.


Also, I hope everyone's gotten all their bitching about the Prowler out of their systems. My guess is it won't last the day.

Muscle Car Madness is brought to you by Gumout.