Judging from the extreme nature of Russian winters and countless pictures we've seen of cars absolutely buried it seems fairly common to get your car frozen beneath piles of snow in the country. What strikes us as fairly uncommon about these pictures, taken in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, is the fact this victim of the Russian winter is a drool-worthy Audi R8.

We understand leaving your Civic or Soviet-era Lada wherever it gets buried in the snow. We've certainly left a few of our own vehicles buried on the side of a city street to wait out New England winter storms but none of those cars were an R8 (or anything remotely close).


Assuming you didn't acquire the car in a dishonorable fashion, if you have an R8 we would think you could afford a garage to keep it in—even in the city. If not and without regard to exactly how you got the car, we know you could afford to pay someone to unearth your high dollar super car from the ice and snow if you were unwilling to do it yourself.

Yet it seems none of these are the case judging from the pictures of this buried supercar completely immobilized by the ice and snow we found on EnglishRussia. We sincerely hope whoever steals this R8 next takes better care of the car.