Undoubtedly the idea of stumbling across a Porsche 356 in neglected but solid original condition is the stuff of gearhead dreams. The relative mechanical simplicity of the 356 and it's iconic shape lend itself perfectly to the idea of driving and enjoying it in slightly deteriorated original condition.

That is exactly what we came across recently on Ebay but we quickly discovered the ratty Porsche of our dreams has a slightly higher price tag attached to it than the average project car. Considering this car's unique condition, the premium attached to this car doesn't come as a huge surprise.

Any vintage Porsche is rare, but finding one that isn't nearly perfect or a total basket case is almost unheard of. This 1956 356A coupe falls somewhere right in between these two descriptions. While this Porsche is very solid and in running and driving condition, the effects of years sitting in the hot California sun have made an obvious impact on the paint and interior.

According to the Ebay listing, this car was found sitting under an Orange tree "behind the locked gates of a secluded orchard" in Ojai, Ca. This certainly offers some explanation as to why it took so long for someone to resurrect it. Once the car was removed from the orchard it was treated to a full mechanical restoration while it was left in "as found" condition cosmetically.

The result is a car that looks like it was brought back to life yesterday that would fit in perfectly as is in the vintage outlaw Porsche scene or is a candidate for what would likely be one of the easiest 356A restorations undertaken in years. It'll cost you somewhere north of $41,000 to be the one to make the decision regarding the Porsche's future.


Assuming the car's reserve price is somewhere close to the current bid it seems like a relatively fair price for a 356A in this condition to us. Unfortunately that also certainly means we'll have to continue looking (rather hopelessly) behind garages and now, in private orchards, for the ratty 356 project of our dreams.