Nevermind that I'm in it โ€” or that you can already watch the movie on Hulu and Netflix. No, instead, you must buy Chris Paine's 'Revenge of the Electric Car

' on DVD.

Because it's the only way you'll get to see more extras like my scene above with former Valleywag Editor, and founding editor of The Daily Dot, Owen Thomas โ€” where I claim I would absolutely "go gay" for former General Motors Vice-Chairman "Maximum" Bob Lutz.


Yes, that's right, I'm sitting next to Owen Thomas on a park bench in San Francisco, and yet somehow I manage to be the gayest thing in the entire clip.

But is that so wrong? Lutz is a giant in this industry โ€” the force behind the BMW 3 Series, the Dodge Viper, the Ford Explorer and now, the Chevy Volt. Yes, Bob Lutz is a real-life caricature of everything you'd expect a car guy to be. How could you not have a serious man-crush on him?

You'd be mental not to.