During rapper and self proclaimed pothead "daytime television fan" Snoop Dogg's appearance on the "Price is Right" last week he helped one lucky contestant win the keys to a beautiful 1962 Lincoln Continental.

Snoop Dogg was featured on the show as part of their Celebrity Charity Week during which the show matches the episode's prize winnings in charitable contributions.


Accordingly when it came time to play "Check Out" the rapper wanted to win the vintage Lincoln—valued at $29,500—for his Snoop Youth Football League charity almost as much as the young woman playing for the car. As you can see the two were successful and this lucky "Price is Right" contestant left with what is very likely the coolest prize to ever cross the game show's stage.

We'd be lying if we said being on "The Price is Right" wasn't already a hilariously attractive proposition but the idea of winning a 1962 Lincoln next to Snoop Dogg is almost too awesome to be true. Where do we sign up?

[via Reddit]