Sleuthy detectives in rural Australia have declared "Case Closed" in the incident of a mysteriously disappearing car and a phantom garage break in. The culprit? The car itself. And it would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids.

The car's owner parked behind a local market before "taking a walk" that definitely didn't involve going to the pub. When he returned, the car was gone and police couldn't find it anywhere.


Flash forward nearly a month, and the owners of a nearby house called police to report a break in after noticing that the roll-up door on their garage was slightly ajar. When constables arrived on the scene and opened said door, there was the stolen car.

"After he walked away, the car rolled through the car-park, across the road, down the driveway and forced itself under the roller door, parking perfectly inside the garage where it remained safely undercover for 17 days," a police spokesaussie told

The spokesman said the first police officer on the scene believed it was a "G-G-G-Ghost Car!" before a homely detective in glasses explained the non-mystical series of events that transpired.

(Hat tip toSuju89!)