The car forum can be a safe haven for sharing helpful advice about automobiles or it can be a place for newbs to dwell and repeat the same inquires ad nauseam. According to Jalopnik readers, here are the ten most common questions you should find at these sanctuaries of enlightened discourse, broken down by type.

Welcome back to Answers of the Day — our daily Jalopnik feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Camilo Torres/Shutterstock

10.) Any 4X4 brand

Suggested By: deysg

What to expect: What is the largest tire I can fit on X-inch lift?

Photo Credit: Michael Gil

9.) Mustang/Camaro

Suggested By: BrtStlnd

What to expect: How is it possible that the Mustang is so fucking awesome in every way and the Camaro is such an utter piece of shit? (For Camaro forums, just switch the names. This works for Evo and STI forums as well.)

Photo Credit: Paulo Keller

8.) Honda

Suggested By: FluxMaven

What to expect: hey bro, whats the best ebay turbo kit for my jdm b16 gsr vtec type R spoon swap civic?

Photo Credit: WillVision

7.) Hummer

Suggested By: Blze001

What to expect: Involved in 10 car pileup, best way to fix the scratches?

Photo Credit: Kurt Williams

6.) BMW

Suggested By: Baja Bug

What to expect: What wide-angle rear-view-mirror will fit on my 335i? I'm not cutting people off nearly as close as I should be.

Photo Credit: Greg Myers

5.) Mazda Miata

Suggested By: TheKlic

What to expect: What does your Miata weigh in at? I removed my frame, engine, steering rack and got it down to 32 lbs...

Photo Credit: Joey 'Luci' Newcombe

4.) VW Jetta

Suggested By: coll9947



Photo Credit: Matt Zwilling

3.) Ariel Atom

Suggested By: Reptar

What to expect: What's the best mouth wash for after a long Sunday drive?

Photo Credit: Oyster Productions

2.) Porsche

Suggested By: Brainz3012

What to expect: I drove the housekeeper home today, does anyone know where I can get a new set of front seats? They smell foreign now and I can't have the president of the country club be subjected to that. Also, my Porsche t-shirt, hat, track pants, jacket, driving gloves, underwear and socks all shrunk in the wash. Any idea how to fix that?

Photo Credit: Ed Callow

1.) VW New Beetle

Suggested By: zziro

What to expect: I think the daisy in my New Beetle is dying. I'm not sure if I watered it too much or if the fertilizer was too strong. I went to the dealer and they wanted to sell me a new daisy. I really liked this daisy so I went to a Valvoline and asked what they thought. They said they could refill my daisy fluid for $60 dollars. Is that a fair price?

Photo Credit: Alfonso Jiménez