After a Chevy Volt caught fire after being left outside in a parking lot in Minnesota three weeks after it was crash tested by NHTSA, GM has announced some changes to make sure this won't happen again.

In order to stem the tide the countless dozens of dissatisfied Volt owners ( 250 people have expressed interest in returning — or having GM buy back — their Volt), GM's announced the following:

GM will conduct a Customer Satisfaction Program to further protect the Volt battery from the possibility of an electrical fire occurring days or weeks after a severe side crash. Modifications will:

• Strengthen an existing portion of the Volt's vehicle safety structure to further protect the battery pack in a severe side collision.

• Add a sensor in the reservoir of the battery coolant system to monitor coolant levels.

• Add a tamper-resistant bracket to the top of the battery coolant reservoir to help prevent potential coolant overfill.

And as a result of these changes:

GM conducted four successful crash tests between Dec. 9 and 21 of Volts with the structural enhancement. The enhancement performed as intended. There was no intrusion into the battery pack and no coolant leakage in any of the tests.

The changes will be done at your local Chevy dealership. Here's more.