A Chicago-area woman's suing a Stickney, Illinois police officer who used information he gathered from giving her a $132 citation to track her down and ask her out. It would maybe be cute except for it being the creepiest thing ever.

Stickney Police Officer Chris Collins stopped Evangelina Paredes for speeding last October and gave her a $132 ticket. He then, according to Paredes' lawsuit, went into state records to get her information.


Two days later Paredes claims she found a note on her windshield that exhibited less game than most of us had in Junior High. Here are the highlights:

"It's Chris. I'm that ugly bald Stickney cop who gave you that ticket on Saturday… I have not stopped think about you since… I did cost you $132 least I can do is buy you dinner."

We haven't seen the full note, so it's not clear if he asked her to check a box marked "Yes" if she liked him back.


While not overtly threatening, without knowing the officer or the intentions it could be read as creepy. That's how the woman apparently took it.

"This is a single mother. This is someone who doesn't have someone in her home to protect her against an intruder," the woman's attorney told the local Fox affiliate. "And in particular, an intruder who has the force of law behind him."

Collins, for his part, is argueing he merely wanted a date and had no ill intentions. An argument he gets to make to a federal judge.