Mobbed-up Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa's final resting place has sparked cocktail-party conversation since 1975, when he "disappeared" from a Michigan restaurant. For most of the past 25 years, we assumed he was buried under the end zone at the old Giants Stadium in New Jersey. Now, maybe not.

New evidence has come to light that Hoffa may instead have been buried under the GM world headquarters in Detroit. David Hume dropped a perfect one-liner that wrapped up the Hoffa story in a tight little, comedic ball. Thanks.

Hoffa: [rubs lamp]

Genie: "Ey, who da fuck awokened me from my fuckin' Genie slumber? You got a wish, numbnuts?"

Hoffa: "Well, I'm tired of everyone saying I'm just a lowlife thug. I want to be better than that. I... I want to be a pillar in my community. Yeah that's it."

Genie: "You believe this fuckin' guy? You fuckin' got it, toots!" [does magic].