The CTS-V Sport Wagon is often thought of as the first modern American high-po wagon, but the Magnum SRT8 from Dodge deserves credit as well. A 425-hp Hemi V8 stuffed into a RWD wagon? Hard to believe they went bankrupt.

Reader Zeeboid took his SRT8 and a friend's Evo out to enjoy some winter hooning. Here's what he had to say:

We recently had a baby (My wife and I... though if you want to get technical, she couldn't have done it without me). So, with baby, I have gotten rid of my 330whp Turbo Neon project car, and her PT Cruiser convertible in favor of a vehicle that is more family orientated (Read: 4 doors). In doing so we needed to both fix our need for a family hauler and my need for something that is overpowered.

Our choice for this task was a Dodge Magnum SRT8. With 425 horsepower and the plump rear end of the wagon, you can't go wrong. (Though admittedly I do wish it let me row my own).

This is my wife Alisha's first RWD car, and even though I put on a set of snow tires, I felt it necessary to take her out and help her learn her vehicle's dynamics when the first several inches of the white stuff dropped. I know alot of EVO fans, and we go out on nights like this to hoon* some snow.

She did pretty well, and after all was said and done, we Jalops have a line all wish to hear from a lifetime FWD driver: "I think I like RWD, oversteer is so much better then Understeer"


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