Not wanting to be left out of the end of the year list fun here at Weekend Jalopnik we put together a list of our favorite posts from 2011.

We work hard to bring you a diverse and awesome selection of strange and interesting car culture every weekend, but these are the posts from the past 365.25 days that really stuck out to us.


Most other yearly round up lists are a top ten. In celebration of the best mockumentary ever made and in deference to our love of all things a little strange (automotive or otherwise), this one goes to 11.

Tracking down a five-year-old Flickr-find with Google Street View

There was just something about this rusted old Mustang found while perusing car porn on Flickr. Although the photo's from 2006, we wondered if we could find it in Google Street View. More »

Where is James Bond's Aston Martin DB5?

It took less than 13 minutes of screen time to earn James Bond's 1964 Aston Martin DB5 the title of "the most famous car in the world." On the 46 year anniversary of Goldfinger's American release, where is it now?
More »

What is your automotive guilty pleasure?

A guilty pleasure is by definition something you like, but feel guilty about liking because you are aware your fondness for said thing is a little embarrassing or not so great. More »

Vintage Russian automotive promotional pictures are weird and wonderful

Considering the assortment of strange vehicles that came out of Soviet Russia, it shouldn't come as a surprise some of the promotional pictures used to advertise these cars were also a little weird. More »

The Legend of the Camaro ZL1

Last week we met the 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. Although many thought the model designed to compete with the Mustang GT500 would be the next Camaro to wear the famous Z28 badge, Chevrolet opted for ZL1. More »

Trident micro car is the (most recent) one that got away

Finding affordable microcar projects like this Taylor Dunn Trident that sold on Ebay yesterday is a rare occurrence. Spending time lusting after obscure Ebay finds with regret after they have found a new home is unfortunately anything but a rare occurrence. More »

The ten funniest things Kimi Raikkonen said in his NASCAR debut

If you weren't listening to Kimi Raikkonen's in-car audio during his NASCAR Nationwide series debut yesterday (he raced a truck last week), you missed some gems. More »

1959 Oldsmobile station wagon is strangely beautiful

It wasn't ever designed to be more than a disposable people hauler, and the 1959 Oldsmobile is rarely included in a conversation of the most attractive designs the late 50s had to offer. More »

Destroy traffic lights with the 1998 Pontiac Trans Am

For 1998 Pontiac gave the Trans Am a facelift and put the previously Corvette only LS1 engine under the hood. The result was an aggressively styled muscle car with the looks and power to make traffic lights fall from the sky—at least that is the story Pontiac was selling.More »

Owls Head collector car auction is New England's answer to Pebble Beach

Every year on the third weekend in August a week of high end car shows and auctions on the Monterey Peninsula ends with the beyond upscale and world famous Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. More »

Russia's crazy screw drive vehicle

What has no wheels, can go through almost any terrain and is the last vehicle on earth we would want to be run over with? This 1970s era Screw Propelled ZIL-4904, currently rotting in a Russian specialty junkyard.
Russian... More »