Although we work hard here at Jalopnik to bring you awesome stories every day it's easy to get a little lost in the day-to-day sludge that is commoditized car news. But it wasn't until I took a look through this week's lists of top stories that I realized just how many great exclusives our team put together in 2011.

It actually made me realize that we needed one more listicle before 2011 draws to a close. So here's my list of the ten Jalopnik exclusives this year that made the most impact — and made me the most proud to run the greatest car site in the world.

10.) How we filmed ourselves alone in an empty Dallas airport

The video of two car guys exploring an empty Dallas airport exploded on the web after we posted it here yesterday, with many wondering if the video was real. More »

9.) This is Google's first self-driving car crash

This photo of what looks like a minor case of Prius-on-Prius vehicular violence may actually be a piece of automotive history: the first accident caused by Google's self-driving car. More »

8.) The story behind Carmageddon's most iconic photo

Screw planking. The photo of this trio on the 405 highway during this weekend's shutdown raised the bar for Carmageddon stunts — along with their glasses. More »

7.) The JFK Ambulance Is A Fake

This Saturday's auction of the ambulance that carried President John F. Kennedy's body has garnered worldwide attention. The only problem? It's a near-perfect fake. More »

6.) This is what it's like to be shot at with an AK-47

Trent Kimball, CEO of Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC), was tired of customers asking if his company's bullet-resistant glass in its armored cars actually resisted bullets. More »

5.) Ford Marketing Head: "Fuck GM"

Ford's chief marketer Jim Farley has overseen some of the company's most important successes of the past few years, but how does he get motivated? More »

4.) I Fought The DMV To Keep The World's Greatest License Plate

This is Garth Yeaman, the 30-year-old who valiantly struggled to keep the world's greatest license plate from being destroyed by Virginia's humorless bureaucracy. More »

3.) Exclusive: This is the 2014 Chevy Corvette

The exclusive images you see here, derived from hours spent secretly poring over the sheetmetal of two seventh-generation Corvettes, show the next step in the supercar's iconic evolution. More »

2.) How The Detroit News Sold Its Soul

Scott Burgess resigned today as The Detroit News auto critic after his editors bowed to a request by an advertiser to water down his negative review of the Chrysler 200. More »

1.) How Ferrari spins

I told the blokes here at Jalopnik I was pissed at Ferrari and wanted to tell a few people. They said I could do it here. Stay with me, this might take a while. More »