Okay, Jalops, hear me out; I have an idea here I think we can all have fun with, and I'll need your help. What I'd like to do is, every week I'll draw a hypothetical car, a car from an alternate reality, that you, the Jalopnik commenters, come up with. I know it's probably hard to hear right now over the sound of thousands of minds being blown, so I'll clarify:

In the comments, you'll think of some manner of hypothetical car. This can be many, many things: a hybrid of existing cars, a particular type of niche vehicle, made by a known auto maker, a modification of a known car, a type or model of car existing in an entirely different era (say, a 1964 Nissan Cube or a 2008 Crosley Hot Shot or something), or, well, really anything you can provide a decent description of. And then I'll draw it.

To help us get started, I came up with one of my own for the first one.

The general thoughts I had went like this:

What if Ford had been the ones to build the Corvette instead of GM? But, inexplicably, they wanted it to be part of the LTD family? And, even better, they wanted it to be a shooting brake? What would that look like? Let's say this one is a 1973 model, and it's using the big Ford 460 V8, which had an output of 365 hp, pretty comparable to what a '73 Vette would have made. And it's fiberglass still, since Ford got some plastic molding experience making all that fake wood paneling for their big LTD wagons. What would this vehicle be called? The wagon was the Country Squire; every squire needs a knight, so let's go with Country Knight. There!


I also decided to do this because I generally feel I'm weaker at drawing American cars, so I wanted to give myself a bit more challenge. And I've been thinking of that owl-like LTD front end for a while. Speaking of, I may as well go over some strengths and weaknesses of mine, car-drawing-wise, and general rules, that you can ignore or not when coming up with your ideas:

• I'm better at small, weird imports
• Drawing 90s and up cars is harder for me; I tend to prefer the less smooth and uniform, more assemblage-of-parts look of older cars; that said, I'll try whatever
• My favorite era is probably the mid ‘60s.
• And, it should be mentioned, it's very likely some of these will just fail. That's ok, I'm ready for that, and if we're doing one a week, I bet we'll get enough decent ones in there somewhere.
• The more descriptive you can get, the better.
• Let's say everything has to be made by a manufacturer (or collaboration of) that actually existed at one time. Unless you've got something really good, like if Braun made a car in the 1960s. So you know what? Scratch this one. Just give me enough information to find some design traits.

Each week's drawing will be made into a 1600x1200 desktop wallpaper and an iPhone/Android-sized 640x960 phone wallpaper. The winning commenter will have their commenter account name on the images as well. After a year or so, we'll have over 50 of these things, and maybe we'll make a big poster or something– who knows?

So. Whatcha think?

Good, I'm excited too. Here's the first one:

Desktop Wallpaper

iPhone/Android wallpaper