It was revealed in court that a 19-year old who claimed that a bag of marijuana found at his feet during a traffic stop wasn't his, asked the arresting officer at the time of the stop, "Can I have my weed back?" Yeah, that defense might not fly.

The Beaver County Times reports that the 19-year-old's defense attorney argued that the suspect was only one of four men in the car, and the bag could have belonged to any one of the passengers. The prosecuting attorney broke apart this defense saying, "I don't know what else 'Can I have my weed back?' can mean, other than it's his."


In this informative lesson in how not to handle yourself with drugs in the car, the suspect now faces charges of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. (Hat tip to: TrampaOnline!)

Photo Credit: Scott Richardson(Car)/EpicStockMedia(Cannabis)/Shutterstock