The New York City Department of Transportation got a new street safety campaign yesterday, putting 12 signs with graphics and haikus up at crosswalks across the five boroughs. Here's how to find them.

Over 200 of these 8" by 8" signs with humorous haikus will ultimately be on display at particularly dangerous intersections. There's a full list of locations on the DOT website, and here's how you get there.

Photo Credits: John Morse/New York Department of Transportation, Google

Downtown Brooklyn

Seven signs are up in Downtown Brooklyn, starting with these two at Pacific High School: 112 Schermerhorn street between Boreum and Smith street. One is on a pole right in front of Pacific High School on the south side of Schermerhorn and the other is on a pole midblock on the north side of Schermerhorn.

Two more are at St. Joseph's High School at 80 Willoughby Street. Both signs are at the intersection of Bridge and Willoughby, with one on the southeast corner and the other is on the northwest corner.

This bike meets door sign is on the traffic light pole at the northeast corner of the Fulton street and Adams street intersection.

This crash test dummy is on the northeast corner of the intersection of Court street and Atlantic Street.

You can find the lady by the Transit Museum, on a midblock pole on the west side of Boreum Place between Livingston and Schermerhorn.

Around the Brooklyn Museum

These signs are on Eastern Parkway, Bedford, and Grand Army Plaza. This undertow sign is by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, which is on 900 Washington Avenue at Crown Street. Specifically, the sign is on a pole on Washington Ave. between President and Carroll, by the southwest corner of President by the new visitor center entrance.

There are two more signs by the Brooklyn Art Museum (200 Eastern Parkway, at Washington Ave.). One is of a broken up figure, the other is a crash test dummy. One is on a pole on the south side of Eastern Parkway in front of the museum, and the other is on a pole at the crosswalk on the west corner of Eastern Parkway and Washington Ave.

At the Brooklyn Public Library on 10 Grand Army Plaza at Eastern Parkway, there's a sign on a pole near the corner of Eastern Parkway and Grand Army Plaza and there's another sign on a pole adjacent to the huge monument, by the Grand Army Plaza bike lane.

At WEB Dubois High School (402 Eastern Parkway, at Union Street) there are two signs, one of dice-head and the other of crosswalk disco. One is on the southeast corner of Classon and Union streets and the other is on a pole on Union street and Franklin, on the south side in front of the school entrance.

There's another sign at the Brooklyn Children's Museum (145 Brooklyn Avenue between St. Marks Ave. and Prospect Place). The sign is adjacent to the museum, on the southeast corner of the intersection of Brooklyn Ave. and St. Marks Ave.


Manhattan gets more signs than any of the other boroughs, with signs up in Harlem and many more across Midtown. Harlem's signs are by the Studio Museum. Two signs are up on 125th street between Adam Clayton Powell and Lennox Ave. Specifically they're midblock on the south side of 125th.

There are four signs at the intersection of Adam Clayton Powell and 125th, one on each corner. Here you can find one of the Spanish haikus.

There's another sign at the intersection of Adam Clayton Powell and 122nd street.

Around the Municipal Arts Society and the Museum of Art and Design in Midtown, there are a total of seven signs. You can find two at the intersection of West 57th Street and Broadway, which is by the Landmark High School. Dice head and flying biker can be seen, with one sign on the NE corner and the other on the southwest.

Two more signs are just up Broadway at the intersection of Broadway and W 58th, with a bike-meets-door sign and a crushed figure sign, again on the NE and SW corners.

A wavy figure sign is on the northeast corner of where 8th Avenue meets Columbus Circle, right by the Museum of Arts and Design.

Go around Columbus Circle, past the museum till you hit with Broadway, and there are two more signs, one of the people making the bike spokes and the other being crosswalk disco. They're across from each other on the northeast and northwest corners.

Over by the Museum of Modern Art and the International Center of Photography there are five more signs, two of which are at the corner of 53rd and 6th Avenue. There's the crushed bike and the wavey figure, with one on the intersection's northwest corner and the other on the southeast corner.

Go West on 53rd and at 5th Avenue there are two more signs, one of the bike meets door and the other of the crash test dummy, on the northwest and southwest corners.

The last sign is further West and then South, over at 50th and Madison Avenue. There's a sign of the lady in the night on the northeast corner of the intersection.

The Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island

No signs are up in these three boroughs, but when they are up, here's where they'll be. In the Bronx, you'll find them at the Zoo/Botanic Gardens, at the Bronx Museum and at the Bronx Hub. In Queens they'll be some in Jamaica and some at PS1. In Staten Island there will be signs at the Staten Island Children's Museum and at St. George.


If you are looking for this information all in one chart, the DOT has this information in list form up on its website.