When gasser style cars started appearing at drag strips in the late 50s, they were like nothing anyone had ever seen. They were stripped down hot rods with big engines, wild paint jobs and a weird stance—thanks to the straight front axles that were installed up front to improve traction off the line.

Although this 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air, which is currently listed on Ebay, was built fairly recently the car certainly looks like it would have fit right in during the Gasser heyday in the 1960s. From the velocity stacks sticking out of the flat black hood to the diamond pattern interior, this car screams 60s.

Quite a bit of change was necessary to turn this Tri-Five Chevy into a period correct Gasser. After modifying the suspension to fit a straight front axle and 9 inch rear end from a 1963 Ford F100, a mild 396 Chevy Big Block and a 4 speed manual transmission were installed to give this beast enough power to hang at the drag strip. Everywhere you
look on this car the modifications are well executed, and perhaps more importantly period correct.

The result is one of the cooler gassers we've seen in a long time. Just looking at the car as it sits is enough to send us into a deep case of car lust. We'd imagine spending some time in the front bucket seat rowing gears and listening to the glorious racket of the straight headers would only make our desire to own this car even stronger.

Although it comes as no surprise, it appears we aren't the only ones eager to own this flat black beast. Bidding is currently at $16,550 with a little less than two days left on the auction. While that sum is too high to allow our ownership dreams to become a reality, it is certainly a pretty reasonable price for an awesome 1955 Chevy gasser.