From the full-scale recreations to the miniature obsessions, there's something wonderful about cars built out of Lego. Here are what Jalopnik readers chose as the ten most awe-inspiring automotive building block creations.

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Photo Credit: Ming


10.) Ferrari transporter

Suggested By: ShantJ

Why it's amazing: Ferrari's old Fiat race transporters looked very much like red bricks on wheels, so it's perhaps not the most challenging thing to make a basic model of one out of Legos.


Still, this build in particular just gets it right, really making a realistic miniature of those classic symbols from F1 of yore.

Photo Credit: Ape


9.) Ariel Atom

Suggested By: GeeHalen

Why it's amazing: Most builds out of Lego Technics don't really work because the car ends up looking like it's made out of scaffolding.


This Ariel Atom, on the other hand, works great in this medium because in real life the car looks like it's made out of scaffolding.

Photo Credit: Tyler Reid

8.) VW Camper

Suggested By: 45ACP

Why it's amazing: Lego spared no expense when it came to recreating an authentic old VW Camper. From the carpet to the flowers, it's all there.


The only thing that's missing are plenty of stashed drugs and the wonderfully full-bodied odor of resident hippies.

7.) Ferrari 312T

Suggested By: Jones Foyer

Why it's amazing: The heart and soul that went into this stunning miniature 1975 Ferrari F1 racer is astounding. The builder, Luca Rusconi, got to see the real car himself as a child back in 1975, and he built himself a proper tribute.


The whole story, with all of its obsession to detail and computer aided modeling is just fantastic.

Photo Credit: Luca Rusconi

6.) Sheepo's Mini

Suggested By: Jackie

Why it's amazing: The firing order on the miniature inline-four on this miniature Mini is the same as factory Mk.1 Minis. You won't find that in any of Lego's out-of-the-box designs.


From locking foors to folding seats, this Mini is an absolute treasure.

5.) Tyrrell P34

Suggested By: mikeado

Why it's amazing: It's a six-wheel 1977 Tyrrell F1 car with working front steering, only in miniature. That's awesome. Moreover, the kind of dedication that must have gone into this build is staggering.


Photo Credit: Luca Rusconi

4.) Lego's own Unimog U400

Suggested By: Jackie

Why it's amazing: This is Lego Tecnic's own design and it doesn't look half bad. The swinging arm, the whirring gizmos, it's all very well executed. It might not be an individual's labor of love, but it's still a great miniature.


Photo Credit: Lego

3.) Lightning McQueen

Suggested By: Brian, Knight of the steadfast 3%

Why it's amazing: It's hard to call this Lego build a recreation, as there is no Lightning McQueen in the real world. This then, is the full size Lightning McQueen, built up for Disney and Pixar and giving Cars-obsessed kids something to hold onto.


Photo Credit: Ricky Brigante

2.) Full-size Ford Explorer

Suggested By: waveridin1959

Why it's amazing: Ford themselves built this full-size Lego model to advertise their new Ford Explorer. What's funny is that while this Lego car is trying to look like a full Explorer, some would call the new Explorer itself a pretender, trying to ape a real body-on-frame SUV.


Photo Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

1.) Sheepo's 997 Cabrio

Suggested By: SirHalffast

Why it's amazing: What's really mind blowing about this Lego car isn't that it took a year and a half to complete, but that everything that is supposed to work in a real, life size Porsche works in the miniature. The gearbox, the pistons, the steering, the folding roof – they're all here.


Suddenly that year and a half in build time starts to make sense.