These exclusive first photos and video of the $1.8 million Danish supercar, the Zenvo ST1, taken by a Jalopnik reader in Los Angeles, show that yes, it's actually a real car. Probably. We think.

Jalopnik reader Max B sent us these photos giving us a first look at a 1,104 HP Zenvo in the United States. There's two sets of shots — the first were taken in a L.A. parking garage, the second set as the ST1 was getting refueled on the way to a trailer for a journey to the East Coast for a press/dealer unveiling and what we're told is a probable cameo on NBC's Today Show. Max B also reports that it takes 101 octane and "gets 6 MPG freeway and 3 MPG street."

But is it the real, production car? Click through the gallery above for our analysis.

You see, the Viby-based supercar company claims to be building 15 copies of its 1000+ horsepower V8 supercar, the ST1.


Three of those fifteen, says Zenvo, will be coming to America as "50S" special editions. One will be red, the other blue, and the third will be white. Just like this car here.

So we are not only looking at the first Zenvo in the US, we could very well be looking at the first real production car from this fledgling Koenigsegg-wannabe, with all of its 1,250 horsepower and 1,055 pounds feet of torque.


That's an extra 146 horsepower over the other 12 Zenvos and enough to power the car to an electrically-limited 233mph.

The color does match up with the upcoming 50S, then again, the car is sporting a sticker on its carbon fiber front splitter that says "prototype".


Moreover, it looks exactly the same as the car Zenvo has been parading around at events, giving to car testers, and even using as the feature image on its Wikipedia page.

Whatever it is, those tires look the business, given that they can take you over three times the limit of your local highway.

And here's where the donuts are made. An in-house twincharged seven liter V8 looks here like it's chained down by that tubular bracing.

Come November 16th we'll know if this car is the real deal when we attend the Zenvo 50S debut event in glamorous Jersey City.

Here we get a good look at the interior and its Porsche-sourced dials.

Finally, Max B also sent us over a short video of the Zenvo getting loaded onto a truck with "We Buy Junk Cars" emblazoned on the side. Very classy.