Compared to the sprawling efforts of Chevrolet and Ford, Mazda is taking a fairly laid-back approach to this year's SEMA show with five cars: two MX-5 Miatas, two Mazda2s, and a Mazda5 sure to inspire lust in suburban dads.

Click through the gallery to see Mazda's exhibits.

MX-5 Spyder: The Miata is nearing replacement, so this is essentially a valedictorian appearance for this generation of Mazda's beloved droptop. The first of two examples seems to have been spending far too much time hanging around a Porsche dealership: the MX-5 Spyder has picked up its own version of the Boxster Spyder's tentlike fabric top. It also goes Germanic with rows of LED daytime running lights. On a less me-too front, the engine has been modified to run on isobutanol, which is being promoted as a more infrastructure-friendly take on biofuel than ethanol.

MX-5 Super20: The MX-5 Super20 makes a repeat appearance, going from last year's industrial gray to Hyper Orange Mica. It's essentially the same well-prepped car under the autumn-foliage treatment, featuring a Cosworth supercharger and near-race-spec suspension.

Turbo2: The Mazda2 has been lauded for its nimble handling, but no one seriously considers it to be a hot hatch. To add a much-appreciated dose of thrust and attitude, Mazda bolted in the MS3's turbo four-cylinder and added big OZ rims and a rather restrained body kit.

3dCarbon Mazda2: The version with the stock motor is, well, greener. The 3dCarbon Mazda2 features — surprise, surprise — a 3dCarbon/Air Design body kit, along with the requisite eighteen-inch rims and vinyl graphics treatment to complement the Spirited Green Metallic paint.

Mazda5 Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (MRLS) Support Vehicle: The Mazda5 was designed specifically as a better-than-average people mover, but no one said it couldn't do trackside duty at Mazda's West Coast playground. Mechanical modifications are limited to lowered ride height and RX-8 rolling stock, but the appeal of a package like this to a parent with deferred desires must be unreal.