Audi's updated the A4 line, bearing gifts for efficiency wonks if not for those hoping for freshened visuals. Sure, the headlights are a bit larger by a few millipedes and the hood's got a slightly more dramatic arch. Fine. But boy howdy, check out that Allroad.

Rumor has it we'll be getting Audi's A4 Allroad to replace the defunct (in the US) A6 model. Since the A4's nearly the same size as the previous A6, the latest Allroad compares pretty favorably to the one that last graced our sovereign boundaries until 2005, when it was discontinued due to poor sales. Still, we're holding out hope that we'll see a new rally wagon for 2013. Call your congressman or something.

Today's A4/S4 news is for Europe and the UK, which are getting a few new, more economical engines. Otherwise the cars' underpinnings remain largely the same. Drivers who'd complained about the lack of feel in Audi's electronic steering may be heartened to know the power steering system's been upgraded with feel and economy in mind.

More to come on the US lineup, which will soon have a new BMW 3-Series with which to contend.