Ford is bringing the new Focus to SEMA for the first time this year, so here's a breakdown of the all bro, all the time funky paint and flash rims that are going to be on display. Beefcake Fiestas and Focii abound.

Up first is the Ford Focus by 3dCarbon. No power upgrades for this Focus, but have No Fear because there's a carbon roof spoiler and Eibach springs to make the car look mean and fast anyway. Mainly this car relies on its stripe to make it go faster.

Click through the gallery to see Ford's other custom cars.

Ford Focus by ROUSH Performance Products
For the more speed-minded, Ford is showing off how you can hot rod your econobox with some Roush upgrades. It comes with a ROUSH R900 TVS supercharger, ROUSH modified high-flow induction system and ROUSH dual-exit high- performance exhaust.

Ford Focus by The ID Agency
Ford is bringing the matte green look to SEMA with this Focus. It's also low enough to look lie it's doing squats, so it should be a hit with the bro subconscious.

Ford Focus by Capaldi Racing
You actually get some performance mechanicals with this Focus, which should help you beat the traffic to the Jersey Shore. The shopping list has got a Borla cat-back dual-outlet exhaust, Ford Racing Performance Parts Torsen differential, Green Filter custom intake, AST Sport-Line suspension and Ford Racing Performance Parts-tuned sway bars.

Ford Focus by Steeda
This Focus comes with a Steeda cold-air intake with Cool Tube technology, a Steeda rear swaybar and Steeda lowering springs, a G-Track front end brace and a 3dCarbon body kit, which should make all your buddies at the weight room pretty jealous.

Ford Focus by Bojix Design
Finally! A focus sittin' on 20s – it took far too long. You get another laudry list of upgrades with this focus, but it's got to be the tribal tattoo of a vinyl decal on the back that puts this focus over the top from good too amazing. I give this Focus four Rainbow Dashes out of five.

Ford Focus by COBB Tuning
No Cobb short shifter for this Focus, but plenty of go-faster parts from companies I've never heard of. You've got forged pistons, a turbo kit, a new intercooler, and a host of changes to the chassis. With all the due diligence given to making this car a better performer, Twilight Sparkle would be proud.

Ford Fiesta by M2-Motoring
As the glory years of Mopar have told us, painting a car purple makes it do insane burnouts and hit the track at warp speed. We don't know if this will apply to a Fiesta, but a cold-air intake, cat-back exhaust and Wilwood brake kit will try their best to make the paint's promise come true.

Ford Fiesta by Gold Coast Automotive
We can only assume that this Fiesta is a tribute to the great nation of Ghana, what with its high performance tuning and sharp looks. For an up-and-coming West African country, here's your up-and-coming car.

Aaron Vaccar Signature Series
We were not aware that Aaron Vaccar had a signature series, but it looks like he has a thing for bro-tastic tuner cars. Hokey name and graphics aside, this Fiesta isn't that bad, with small-for-the-class 17 inch rims, and no wild paint. The bronies will be all over this one.