Comedian/ventriloquist Jeff Dunham has reached that level of fortune where the world opens its arms to every possibility, like turning his character Achmed into the creepiest-looking hot-rod hood scoop in recent memory. Speaking of weird things in engines, the squirrel pup-infested BMW drew a surfeit of good comments, including Dr_Watson's:

Looks like we can chalk up passive baby squirrel injection as one of the top 10 scams that won't improve gas mileage. Glad someone finally tested that theory. My company has been saying for years that a cheap solution such as this will never produce good results. There are just too many uncontrollable variables when placing the baby squirrels in the airbox hoping that as power demand increases the squirrels will be injected at an appropriate interval to supplement increased fuel demand.
Now we just need to work out the engineering of the potential gains from direct baby squirrel injection. A DBSI system would not take the passive approach of placing the baby squirrels in the air-box but instead our proposed system will open a valve and force the baby squirrel directly into the combustion chamber. This more predictable delivery will ensure 1 squirrel per cylinder is injected at the most appropriate time. This would lead to greater efficiency and a cleaner burning squirrel than could ever be achieved through cheaper passive solutions.
I do admit however that packaging concerns are still holding back development and timetables are still in flux. And even once that hurdle is crossed there are detractors that also cite squirrel availability and restocking as potential problems for wide adoption. Given the current petroleum market though, my company feels that investors should not be nervous as the renewable resource of baby squirrel will only continue to increase demand in the future.
So with your continued support and the diligent toiling of our engineering team we assure you that our 2013 targets are still obtainable.