Bob Lutz, former GM vice-chairman, may be back at GM as a "senior advisor", but it's not stopping him from working on other projects. We've just learned, via Jeff Gilbert, auto reporter for WWJ AM and CBS Radio, that "Maximum" Bob has joined Via Motors, an electric car company.

According to its web site, Via Motors is "a new kind of car company. We build electric version (E-REV) of your favorite trucks and SUVs."

Yes, a "new kind of car company" that makes electric vehicles out of other automakers' cars. Huh. Sounds sort of like Tesla Motors — except, if the images on their web site are correct, they're making electrics out of GM pickups, vans and SUVs rather than Lotus sports cars.

Well, if it worked for Elon Musk...

Photo Credit: Joe Corrigan / Getty Images Entertainment