If Wilt Chamberlain could drive around in a 1979 VW Rabbit, how hard can it be to find a sports car for David Robinson, of the San Antonio Spurs? Hard enough that he asked us for help. Here are the ten cars Jalopnik readers think are big enough for a 7'1" NBA center.

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Photo Credit: Jed Jacobsohn /Allsport

10.) Audi R8

Suggested By:rawtoast
Headroom: 38.0"
Legroom: 41.4"
Combined:6' 7.4"
Why it fits: High on style with tons of speed, the R8 is a sports car without question. Where the Audi makes its name for David Robinson is in the extra space it gives over other sports cars of its ilk. There's as much headroom there as in Chamberlain's infamous Golf, and more legroom, too, so go for the Audi and you should be fine.

Photo Credit: Audi

9.) Delorean DMC-12

Suggested By: macg467
Headroom: 35"
Legroom: 45"
Combined: 6' 8"
Why it fits: The world was not designed with the very tall in mind, and the same goes for sports cars. Well, except for the DMC-12. John Z. DeLorean may have been a puny 6'4" compared to Mr. Robinson, but he designed his sports car to have plenty of room for him and those even taller.

Photo Credit:Price Photography

8.) Ford GT

Suggested By: BtheD19

Headroom: 35.4"
Legroom: 44.6"
Combined: 6' 8"
Why it fits: The Ford GT comes correct with room enough for a tall person, and speed enough for any person. This car will top two hundred miles an hour and smoke the tires most of the way there. For a little bit extra headroom, just spec the car with a Gurney bubble to add another inch or two.

Photo Credit: Ford

7.) MINI John Cooper Works

Suggested By: valdaviper1

Headroom: 38.8"
Legroom: 41.4"
Combined: 6' 8.2"
Why it fits: If Dirk Nowitzki, a straight seven footer, fits in a MINI, then Mr. Robinson probably will, too. So if space isn't the issue, don't worry about sportiness either, because with the John Cooper Works edition, there should be plenty of speed to go along with the roomy, if tidy, interior.

Photo Credit: MINI

6.) Nissan GTR

Suggested By: jbh11126

Headroom: 35.8"
Legroom: 44.6"
Combined: 6' 8.4"
Why it fits: If speed is what you're after, look no further than a Nissan GTR. It has the techy wizardry to make the most amateur driver into a trackday hero and on top of that it's got an America-sized cabin, which is to say, it's pretty cavernous in there. How about a hopped-up Nissan, Mr. Robinson?

Photo Credit:icedsoul photography

5.) Ferrari 599

Suggested By: rawtoast

Headroom: 35.8"
Legroom: 44.7"
Combined: 6' 8.5"
Why it fits: The 599 may be a little short on headroom, but there is plenty of space to stretch those legs. So long as there's room to put your right foot to the floor, there's little else you have to wonder about with the 599. With enough power to be genuinely unhinged at times from its massive V12, this is a sports car of the highest order.

Photo Credit:Daremoshiranai

4.) Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Suggested By: waveridin1959

Headroom: 39.0"
Legroom: 41.7"
Combined: 6' 8.7"
Why it fits: There is not another car on this list with more headroom than the SLS. These sorts of things matter when you're over seven feet tall, but what really matters is the bellowing roar that this AMG Mercedes pours out at speed. Come for the headroom, stay for the V8 thunder.

Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz

3.) Chevrolet Corvette

Suggested By: Barnaby Jones

Headroom: 37.7"
Legroom: 43.1"
Combined: 6' 8.8"
Why it fits: It should come as little surprise that the all-American sports car has room for an all-American sports star. Space comes standard, Mr. Robinson, how much speed do you want? We might recommend the top-of-the-line ZR1, with more power than is advisable, and a fair helping of presence on the road. There is little stopping you from choosing any one of the ZR1's stablemates, with t-tops and convertibles available through the rest of the lineup.

Photo Credit:Hertj94

2.) Ford Mustang

Suggested By: eespinal

Headroom: 38.5"
Legroom: 42.4"
Combined:6' 8.9"
Why it fits: There is a Mustang to cater to every high-speed taste, from the racer for the road Boss 302 to the powerhouse GT500. What all these Mustangs share is a fairly sizeable cabin, with more leg and headroom than just about anything else. Mr. Robinson, my we recommend some gnarly burnouts with your next purchase?

Photo Credit:Automotive Rhythms

1.) Dodge Challenger

Suggested By: Buster Brew

Headroom: 39.3"
Legroom: 42.0"
Combined: 6' 9.3"
Why it fits: It's not altogether surprising that the Challenger has so much room. After all, it's based on the four-door Dodge Charger. Most autojournalists complain that the Challenger is too big, in fact, but we doubt that they look at the car from David Robinson's, shall we say, lofty perspective. Next to him, the Challenger should look like a pony car again, and with 470 horsepower and 470 lb.-ft. of torque, there is little to doubt in its sporting credentials.

Photo Credit: Chrysler