Searching for a fan page on Facebook yesterday, my faith in humanity took a typographically-challenged hockey puck to the junk. People on Facebook just can't spell.

I was doing a quick search for the official Lamborghini Facebook page, and as I typed the letters L-A-M-B-O-R into the social media site's search field, up popped a fan page I didn't expect to see — the "Lamborgini fan page. Fine, a fan misspelled a fan page. Someone made a small mistake. No big deal, right? Then I noticed how many followers it had. How the hell did over 150,000 people become fans of a page for a misspelling of the storied Italian brand? That's just heartbreaking.


I mean, whatever, misspelling something? It happens. Just ask anyone who's ever edited my work. I do it all the time. But this isn't a simple misspelling. If you think about it, accruing that many fans requires three levels of fact-checking on the part of the brain of the Facebook user. First, they have to search for a car manufacturer page on Facebook, then, after seeing the results pop up, they have to click on the choice they're given. Then, finally, they need to click the "Like" button on said page once it pops up. This isn't an accidentally missed keystroke — it's a colossal spelling failure.

We really need to do something about this and our somewhat-esteemed editor think it starts here in our comments. Wert says he's now going to start warning starred commenters if they misspell something. You get enough warnings and you lose your star. Maybe he's on to something.

Just as long as he doesn't start doing it with me.

Anyway, it turns out that "Lamborgini" fans aren't the only Facebook car lovers with a propensity for misspellings. We've assembled the gallery above to show you the best of the worst.


Correct Spelling: Porsche
# of Users: 659

Perhaps worse than the thousands of people who can't spell the extremely Italian and complex Lamborghini are the 659 people who spell the German automaker Porsh.


Correct Spelling: Ferrari
# of Users: 17,273

Italian names are hard to spell.

Astun Martin

Correct Spelling: Aston Martin
# of Users: 64

Not only is this an easy name to spell, we're thinking "Astun" is the least phonetic way to describe it. I blame the Germans mostly populating this page.

Buggatti Veryon <3

Correct Spelling: Bugatti Veyron
# of Users: 247

Congratulations, by misspelling both the name of the car company and the model of the car you've been able to attract 247 fans. We "<3" you as well. Or is "<3" another special edition Veyron?

Konigseg CCX

Correct Spelling: Koenigsegg CCX
# of Users: 247

Ok, no judgment here. This is a hard word to spell. Some of these people may actually be Koenigsegg employees.