Although it is possible there are two nearly identical custom two door full size Mercurys in the world, it seems a lot more likely this topless Marauder is the same car shown by Ford at the Chicago Auto Show in 2002. There are no details whatsoever included in the Ebay listing for the car you see here, but this custom Marauder appears to be in nearly the same condition as the car shown in 2002.

Mercury offered the Marauder in 2003 and 2004 as a performance version of the not very performance oriented Grand Marquis. The result was a large sedan your grandparents might drive with the look of a performance car and the performance of a slightly upgraded large sedan your grandparents might drive. Not surprisingly, Marauders were not a huge seller.


In 2002 when the Marauder was still all buzz and no sales disappointment, Ford decided to build and show the car you see here (or perhaps one identical to it?) as a concept exercise. It had two doors, no top, and an Eaton supercharger perched atop the 4.6L V8, good for 335 horsepower. Interestingly enough, according to two different VIN checks, this car actually began life as a 99 Ford Crown Victoria LX instead of a Marauder or a Grand Marquis.

The old automotive adage is when the top goes down the price goes up and this concept convertible stays true to form. It's currently listed with a $75,000 buy it now price which means paying quite a premium for a topless concept car, even with the low miles.

We don't know how this Marauder ended up sitting on a car lot in Pennsylvania, if this car is definitely the car shown in Chicago or why it has only travelled 125 miles in the past 12 years. Like most people, we would certainly want the answers to these questions and more before we even entertained the idea of dropping $75,000 on this one of a kind Marauder.


UPDATE: As commenter jaydez points out, this sticker attached to the car would seem to suggest this is definitely the concept car in question and the convertible Marauder is not street legal. Despite this, it appears the Marauder is still being sold with a title and VIN.