Ever wondered the right way to pronounce Porsche? Then don't watch these videos, produced by YouTube user PronunciationManual as a parody of the PronunciationBook YouTube series. However, if you want to piss your pants from laughter, watch them.

The correct pronunciation, by the way, courtesy of PronunciationBook, is PORSH-UH.

Do NOT forget the "UH," or you'll look really silly to PORSH-UH fan-boys ‚ÄĒ and nobody wants to look silly to them. That's because if there's one group of car fans on this Earth who treat themselves way too seriously, it would be PORSH-UH fans. Uh, I hope-uh, they-uh don't-uh get-uh upset-uh with-uh this-uh post-uh. [via Gizmodo]