Most car lovers will remember the Swedish built Caresto T6 R from the stir it created when it debuted in 2004. Along with becoming the first foreign built vehicle to ever capture Hot Rod Magazine's coveted "Hot Rod of the Year" award, the T6 R captivated the car show circuit. Seven years later this Swedish hot rod is being offered on Ebay by the Coach builder that created it.

Former Volvo conceptualist Leif Tufvesson owns Caresto, the specialty design and coach building firm that built this very unique T6 R. With this in mind, it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that many of the components of the T6 R, including its rear mounted twin turbocharged straight six and five speed transmission came from a variety of different Volvos.


Things that weren't available in Volvo's parts bin include the T6 R's distinctive hand crafted aluminum body work, the custom fabricated suspension and hand formed one off frame, all of which were built by Caresto. All of these components are very well engineered, very custom and we assume very hard to replace. If that isn't motivation for the T6 R's next owner to avoid any accidents, we aren't sure what is.

Bidding for the T6 R has not yet reached reserve with a little more than a day left, so there is no confirmation the unique Swedish hot rod will find a new home. If it does, the new owner may have to acquaint themselves with Volvo's homeland, as that is where the T6 R is currently located.

(Watch video of the T6 R on Final Gear here)