Welcome to another episode of "Because Swedecar [UPDATE: Make that Because Finncar.] Today we're examining a take on the 1930s roadster aesthetic, whose engine has eight spark plugs. (Of course, it also only has four cylinders.) Without further ado, here's the, er, Alfa Romeo hot rod.

This Finnish build combines a fiberglass-bodied hot rod kit with an Alfa Romeo Twin Spark engine, gearbox and suspension parts lifted from a rusted-out Alfa 75 (Milano). It's not quite a turnkey build, however, considering how much custom work went into the chassis and drivetrain, and how many little Alfa details — pedals and such — our hero has incorporated into his "caldo-rod."


Interestingly, due to complicated custom-car registration rules in Sweden, the builder, Mikael Björklund, had to use as many parts as possible from the donor car. His first choice was an Alfa 3.0-liter V6, but such cars' rarity in Finland put the kabosh on that.

Nonetheless, the final product is as Italian-American as apple caponata, with a side of surströmming.