The Quattroporte is at present Maserati's biggest offering, but for some it may still not be large enough. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe 2005 Maser is about as grande as you can get, but is its price too venti?

Yesterday's '67 Thunderbird also leaned to the yo mama's so fat side of the equation, but that didn't stop 84% of you from giving it a big fat Nice Price win. That's a good thing because its rear doors were contemplating. . . well, you know.

You should also know Maserati's luxury sedan - the one named in honor of its door count - is in its fifth iteration. Previous generations have become either sought-after classics or bloated and boxy representations of their particular era's excesses. The jury's still out on which path the current one will take, but while they're deliberating, you could pick up ten of them in this 2005 Quattroporte Limousine.

It seems like these days somebody somewhere is making a limo out of nearly any and every wheeled vehicle. Should a toddler be unfortunate enough to pause for too long in front of certain industrial parks, odds are he'd pedal home with his trike accentuated by a one-hundred inch stretch with full bar and stripper pole. Okay, so maybe he wouldn't mind so much, but his mom would be pissed!

This Maserati lacks an STD-slathered pole, but it does have a bar, as well as disco floor and ceiling, plus room for the aforementioned 10 riders. That's due to it sporting a freaking huge 140-inch stretch between its 19" alloy wheels. The conversion was done by Exotic Coach Customs, and according to their calculations, originally added $57K to the price of a Quattroporte. There must not have been too many takers for such a wienerdogification of the big Italian because the ad claims this to be one of the sole executions of such a car. . . in the world.

That execution looks professionally done and includes a custom single-piece driveshaft between its 4.2-litre dry-sump V8 and flappy paddle- actuated 6-speed transaxle. The standard Quattroporte is rear weight biased, but who can tell what this car's 140-inches of additional middle does to that, other than just making it lard-assier. The big Maser was always a competent executive express, this one just lets you bring along all the secretaries too.


Inside it's a bee hive of neon, TV screens and two-tone upholstery. The decor is more pimp than posh, but when you're drunk and on a prom date or bachelor party who cares what it looks like as long as it's easy to clean the vomit off of. Making singing lunch part of the program is a bar that snakes along the passenger side, while a trunk-mounted umbrella is offered for when it's raining men.

The outside is described as ‘Pearl Escent' and there's so much of it that you kind of wonder how many oysters had to give up their own personal escent for the paint. The massive side glass is a single piece and is appropriately tinted darker than the inside of a well-digger's ass. Despite the extra inches, it remains a Quattroporte only with the front and back doors now requiring separate area codes from which to call each other. There's only 29,000 miles total under this Maser's wheels, although one can imagine there's been a lot of time spent idling around the corner.

Unless you're Entourage's Turtle, the livery business can be very lucrative - especially if you have the proper ride. This Maserati makes all the ‘Slade, Hummer and plebeian Town Car party wagons pale in comparison, and it's exclusivity could give a new owner a leg up on the competition.


Of course lifting one's leg in such a manner doesn't come cheap, and neither does this limo. The seller is asking a cool $105,000 for it - a price that will buy you a fleet of Town Cars. Those won't have this Italian's accentuated Pininfarina looks, nor its sweet 390-bhp Ferrai-engineered engine. That means this limo will not only walk the walk when it comes to bringing the party, but its four-port exhaust will also talk the talk.

What do you think about that six figure asking price? Is $105,000 a good deal for this long form Maserati? or, is asking that much a stretch?

You decide!

eBay or go here if the ad disappears. H/T to sastexan for the hookup!

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