What has three wheels, looks like a duck and shoots flames out of its head? The bizarre Russian art car you see here and absolutely nothing else in the entire world.

In Massachusetts a "duckmobile" is generally accepted to be an amphibious WWII era DUKW that is converted to conduct on land/in water tours around Boston and Cape Cod. Although these vehicles are pretty weird on their own, they become downright ordinary when they are compared to the fire shooting custom duck shaped vehicle you see here.


We don't know much about the vehicle other than the three facts we already mentioned and the fact this Duck relocated to California shortly after these pictures were taken. Has anyone spotted this weird flame shooting "duckmobile" on US soil?

Update: Thanks to $kaycog, who posted this video, we have learned this flame shooting duckmobile was built by American artist Bart Dorsa (shown in pictures) and is pedal powered. The artist says he was inspired to build the bizarre vehicle by his father's love for ducks.

Hat tip to Kate's Dirty Sister!