It's not easy to live in a country everyone knows mainly from a pop song, especially when it's a Beatles' song. It was hard enough to grow up with everyone singing, "my name is Michael, I have a nickel," every goddamn minute. So I know from whence I speak.

And yet, when discussing the oddity of Norwegian rappers narrowly escaping a burning Lamborghini, dropping a reference to the Beatles' Norwegian Wood seemed inevitable. And yet, none of us here could do it. "Norwegian Char"? We tried, but that's actually a kind of fish, and linking that reference to Beatles just seemed a bridge too far.

And then, parkave231001 whipped out his quill pen, and started, er, typing. And there it was.

I once had a car, or should I say, she once had me.
She showed me her V10, painted up red, Italian bred.

She asked me to drive, and she told me to sit on the left.
So I took control and began to feel quite deft.

I sat in her seat, admiring my lass,
drinking up gas.
We drove until noon, and then she cooed,
"It's time for food."

She told me she only took 93 and started to whine.
I told her I didn't, and crawled in to Mickey D's to dine.

And when I returned, I was alone,
This bird had burned.
So I cursed Italy,
Now I have learned, Norwegian spurned.

"Norwegian spurned." We wood never have though of that.