Adamo Time Trial
What it is: An open-nose saddle that still lets you use your legs to help steer your bike for performance on the road, but with sloped front arms and open space beneath your perineum to protect your penis.
Who it's for: Racers and performance-oriented cyclists and triathletes.
Price: $225

Spongy Wonder MK9
What it is: A noseless split saddle with foam cushions that's width adjustable to fit your sit bones.
Who it's for: Mountain bikers and the cyclocross set who want to ride aggressive trails.
Price: $135

Moon Saddle
What it is: A long, crescent shaped saddle sans nose that cradles your sittin' bones.
Who it's for: Gadget and tech-savvy riders who want a crazy-looking conversation seat backed by science.
Price: $90

What it is: Basically, it's a bench that rides atop your seatpost.
Who it's for: Commuters and recreational riders who use their bikes as transportation, not for performance
Price: $80 - $100

Comfort Saddle
What it is: A full suspension saddle that sways back and forth with your pelvis as you ride. Wheeeeeeee!
Who it's for: People who don't care about the energy loss inherent in a swaying saddle. Comfort riders, sunday peddlers, beach cruisers, stoners.
Price: $63 (plus shipping fees from the UK)