Quick. What's the color of Orange Julius, produces 1000 hp on 93 octane and is named after a Vietnam-era defoliant? It's Operation Agent Orange. The famed tuner Nissan GT-R recently changed hands and took on quite an update. The color remains the same, naturally.

Originally, the turbocharged electric-carrot Jeeter was running mid-9's in the quarter-mile, by way of its 900-hp Alpha 9 kit tune from AMS performance. The car's new owner just had a new racing motor fitted, along with AMS's updated Alpha 10 conversion kit. That's where the extra 100 horses come from (as tuned for pump gas). AMS says the 10 kit's already proven to be a monster in testing, running a 9.1 at 163 mph — though not in this particular GT-R. Perhaps soon.


Did we mention the new audio system? It's perfect for blasting old Agent Orange tracks, or REM's "Orange Crush" or Tori Amos's "The Power Of Orange Knickers." We're sure that's exactly what it'll be used for.